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Hi im quite beginner in rails. i have a problem suggestion will be appreciated.
i have two model “user” and “asset”
an “asset” is created by a “user” and asset" can be assigned to a “user” schema is
Asset { id,name,creator_id,assigned_to_id,price,…}
User{ id,name,….}
now in Asset model class association are
class Asset < ActiveRecord::Base
belongs_to :creator ,:class_name=>’User’
belongs_to :assigned_to, :class_name=>’User’ ,:foreign_key=>’assigned_to_id’

and User Model is

class User < ActiveRecord::Base
//any validation and other stuff
has_many :assets #did not specify either this accosiation #is for creator , or assigned to how can is specify this??

now in Asset show view i can obtain creator name with

but can’t assigned_to name
@asset.assigned_to.name =>(error is )undefined method `first_name’ for nil:NilClas

@asset.assigned_to_id.name=>(error is) undefined method `first_name’ for 1:Fixnum

any suggestion how can i make double association with same model



Asked March 24, 2011