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Displaying the list of children as links under their respective parent:——

Hey…..Does nybody know how to display a list(array) as links
Eg: I’ve a @products and @categories enumerable objects supplied to the view from a single CategoryController …
I want to show the products under their respective categories as links and get rid of the separate show page for displaying products list…

I was able to get the categories links working as expected… but products name appear simply as plain text…..
<% @categories.each do |cat| >
= link_to( cat.name, cat) >
= cat.products.collect { |c| c.name } > ####<<< end %>
…But if I put link_to inside the cat.products.collect { |c| link_to c.name, c }, I get the html escaped text for links inside the[..]

Category and Product models have has_many_through relationship…

How to go about this……??????

Asked April 07, 2011